How to read a betting blog

How do you read betting blogs? Are you just using copy and paste of the predictions of the betting bloggers or there is something else? Well, I believe that copying and pasting is the most common mistake which almost everybody who deals with sports betting makes. Why do you think someone with a betting blog is better than you in making predictions? Everybody can have a blog, but not everybody is good at sports betting predictions, right?

This is why I believe the blogs have to be read differently. What do I mean? When you read betting blogs or forums you have to use them only for hints. betting blogThe prediction and decision where to put your money is only yours, but the hints can come from other sources.
We all know that a single person cannot deal with the whole information needed for a good betting prediction. Here is where to use betting blogs and forums. They are there to help us find useful information which we have missed.

How do I do it? I have some bookmarked blogs and forums and read them every time when I am going to have a prediction. I read them carefully but not for the prediction given by the punters, but for the information about news, injuries or odds offered by the bookmakers.
You know, every bookie gives more than one hundred different options for betting on every huge soccer match. Among these odds sometimes there is one or two which are not correct. It is easy to be seen. You just look at the odds and in your mind something is saying – “Hey that cannot be possible. I am going to make this bet.”

These things I look for when I read betting blogs or forums – pieces of information which will help me to find valuable information about a match and incorrect odds given by the bookie. Not the predictions, but the information which will help me make my own predictions.

Here is an example of betting video blog or vlog

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