Manchester City vs Malaysia

Manchester City and the mixed composition of Malaysia will play today against each other in a friendly match, which will be played in the hot weather in Malaysia. Usually all such meetings have only one goal and it is to put fresh money into the pockets of the bigger club. Such meetings are also a great show for the audience and bring good revenue.

What can be bet on this match? At first glance, when bettingyou see a match between Manchester City and a mixed team from Malaysia you can only say it would be a crashing victory for the champion of England. But is it right?

There are some things that are against such a prediction and they should be considered by everyone who loves betting.

First of all, a really big victory against the host team is not a very good marketing strategy. People will hardly be pleased to see their fellows to be beaten too much.

On the other hand, the motivation of the stars in such meetings is not high enough. There is almost no one who would risk his own health in a marketing friendly match and possibly miss the entire season because of injury. Quite the opposite is the case for the home team players. They will face the best players in the world. This is a game which will be told to the little children for years to come and is a real challenge for every one of them.

The last argument to bet against the bigger names in such friendlies is the fact that the team of every European big gun selected for such friendlies is too often full of players who are not yet good enough to participate in real games. These friendlies are made just for them.

Because of what I said above the odds given by the bookmakers of 1.85 for a win of the Malaysian team with handicap of 2.5 goals seems to me extremely attractive. This is my prediction for this match and I hope the players of the champion of England would not be very happy at the end of the match.

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