The human thinking factor in sports betting

Is it possible to earn money from sport betting without having any knowledge about sports, teams, players and everything connected with betting? Well it is possible, but you have to know a lot about human thinking. If you ask me why I will tell you that betting isn’t a game of predictions. It is a game where the cool-headed bookmakers are against emotional, greedy and undisciplined punters. And this is our chance.

How it works? First of all you have to know that every bookmaker gives his odds for every match not based on their personal believes that some team will win or not. Not at all and this is the biggest deception in betting. The bookies offer their odds by what the punters think and believe.

The bookmaker is thinking only about making the whole amount of bets equal. I will human bettingexplain you why. Let’s say that there is a basketball match between two equal teams. The odds given by the bookie are 1.91 for every outcome. When I bet 10 pounds on team A and you bet 10 pounds on team B one of us will win. There is no doubt in that. However, together we have bet 20 pounds. The winner will win 19.1 pounds. The remainder 0.9 pounds are clear win for the bookie.

I hope it sounds understandable. How can we use it?

The bookies must make all the odds equal and they do that by changing odds for one of the teams. Let’s say that team A gets most of the money. The bookie reacts right away and soon the odds for team B are much higher than those for team A. Everyone starts betting on team B because of the odds and the needed equality is achieved.

Our moment is to find these matches where most of the people believe one of the outcomes is the right one and bet on it. Soon, the odds for the other team will be high enough to bet securely on it. The chances for a win for team A or team B haven’t changed at all, but the odds are and this is what we have to use.

Look the video below for more math secrets in sports betting

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